There are three reasons why the Karismath program will meet your needs


Dear Home-Schooler!

There are three reasons why the Karismath program will meet your needs:
  1. The Exercise Templates in Karismath Topics are designed according to the different needs of individual children. Those who can go fast, take the “Elevator Templates”; those who want to go slow, can choose the “Ramp Templates”. Those who fall in between these two, can take the “Escalator” or the “Stairways Templates”. What template to use can be a shared decision between yourself and your child. Please see “Getting Started” and “Why Karismath” on the Home Page, to guide you.

  2. As a parent, you don’t have to teach Math. No more making up lessons, and devising all kinds of ways to teach Math concepts. This is the first program that actually does all the teaching. YOU as a parent can help your child learn as you yourself learn. The program’s teaching approaches will eventually become your own. Before you know it, you will turn into what all true teachers aspire to become: a guarantor of their students’ learning.

  3. It will take you very little effort and time to learn to use the program. After that you will be able to work with any child, not just yours. With an LCD Projector and a laptop, you can even use it to teach groups of other Home Schoolers’ children in your neighborhood. If you wish for additional training to become a certified Karismath teacher, do keep a lookout for training workshops. Please check out “Teacher Training” and “Events” on the Home Page.


How users experienced Karismath, the embedded capacity to teach Math and the effectiveness of the program:

“AREC STEWART, 13 years of age, dyslexic, living in South-Africa, had a hard time trying to fit in at school , and eventually started home-schooling with great success with the help of KARISMATH.

After trying out many different educational programs focusing on maths, the breakthrough came when I discovered KARISMATH and the program is designed. Arec didn’t need any help to grasp the algebra concepts he feared so much.

What made KARISMATH user-friendly was the visual designs. They do not require a lot of explaining, specially if the teacher is not competent enough to transfer the knowledge which the learner needs, to grasp the learning materials.

KARISMATH is without a doubt one of the most amazing learning concept I have come across in my long and futile search for a solution until now. It has the unique ability of creating symbiotic learning between parents and children. This positive learning relationship can serve as a bright beacon that guides Dyslexics, ADHDs and Learning- Disabled toward constructive learning later on in life.”

Rozanne Nicolin Stewart (Arec’s mother & teacher), South Africa

“We are at the first year of this school and I am the class representative for my daughter's Grade 1 class this year. I am happy to recommend this program to the class teacher and to the other parents who are also interested later.”

Stella Y, Canada

“I really like your materials. I have just done the first chapter on multiplication, but it is definitely having the desired impact of helping my daughter to understand the relationships of numbers. Thanks again for the great product . I definitely will be a customer for both division and fractions when you are ready. ...

I am excited about your product.”

Darren M, USA"

“I was so eager to hear you speak because I have often wondered about math and curriculum. I have felt frustrated as I have thought at times that some students should not have the challenges they have if only the curriculum would approach things differently. You provided a starting confirmation to my ideas.

I came away with things to think about and I enjoyed being in your sessions. Thank you very much.”

Kathy M, USA"

“We started playing with him (my son), using the flash pages of your teaching. He is enjoying it and we will continue.”

Matthias K, Switzerland

“Karismath is going very well with my younger students who are on IEPs because they are lacking basic math skills. They love the demos and worksheets and are feeling quite successful as it is very sequential and is filling in the gaps in their learning.”

Gabriella B, Canada

“I was present at the Illinois Dyslexic Conference in October and listened to your keynote speech and your presentation on The Five Stages of Math. I have decided to withdraw my son from 6th grade public school math and home school using your program. My goal is help my son "fill the holes" on the philosophy and inner workings of math/algebra and to hopefully enter 7th grade at a full schedule.”

Toni S, USA

“I have looked around and tried different approaches and found your Karismath method most suitable to my girls. A. was so proud last week coming home from school and said she was among the top 4 kids in her class in math (doing the most difficult sets). She can’t wait to do the Algebraic Thinking! I gave her a little preview and she loved it!!!”

(One month later):
“Thought you might be happy to hear this: just the other day, I gave A. a new set of Multiplication worksheets with big numbers. At first, she looked at it and said, “I don’t know how to do it.” Then, she analyzed it, used the same approach as before and solved the problems. Even she was surprised by the results!”

Shirely D, Canada

“In 2005, both Shad and I taught the Karismath Multiplication program to separate groups of our own. After four months of teaching the program, a Review Test was conducted to see if Shad’s group would perform better because of his experience in teaching his own program. Shad’s group’s scores were 5% higher than my group’s scores which was statistically insignificant. Almost all the students from both groups scored above 80%. This shows that the success of the program can be attributed to the design, content and structure of the program itself, and not to the way Shad taught it”.

Barbara Sutherland, Resource Teacher

“…It seems as though all the previous grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 students (now in higher grades), who had earlier been taught using the Karismath program were no longer performing significantly below grade level. This seems to confirm the success of your Karismath program. What they learned from the Karismath program has strengthened their foundational math and helped them manage their math learning at subsequent grade levels.”
Gregory Unsworth, Resource Teacher

George T. Cunningham Elementary School, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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