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CLSO Learning Systems Inc is a Canadian company offering the Karismath Program (formerly known as CLSO-MATH) developed by its founder, Shad Moarif. It was established in 2006 in Vancouver, BC.

We at CLSO Learning Systems Inc are committed to the use of visual communication via the use of dynamic imagery thereby reducing learners’ dependence on conventional language. The imagery is distilled from essential target concepts and then rendered into a flowing sequence that is guided by the rigorous demands of research-supported and UDL-based pedagogy. The CLSO Approach is innovative. We carefully design sequences that yield cross-sections of static visuals to serve as teaching templates. These templates are finally modified, re-converted and refined into a set of dynamic images that convey concepts, facts, data or instruction.


Portrait: Shad Moarif Shad Moarif, Ed.M (Harvard)  President, CLSO Learning Systems Inc. is the developer of the Karismath program.

Shad is a Harvard graduate who was a student of Dr. Jeanne Chall (of the Harvard Literacy Lab) and also of Dr. David Rose (Prof. Neurosciences at Harvard Univerity, and the pioneer of Universal Design in Learning, or UDL). He has a background in Science, Psychology, Reading and Mathematics.

An ardent advocate of UDL himself, Shad’s work has been influenced by his 35 years of teaching Math and Language to children (and adults) with learning difficulties. He was Vice-President, International Dyslexia Association (British Columbia), and also served as a member on IDA (BC)’s Advisory Board.


Portrait: Paul Goldenberg Dr. Paul Goldenberg, Ph.D (Harvard)

He holds the rank of Distinguished Scholar at Education Development Center (EDC), Boston, Mass. and has been the Principal Investigator on many NSF-funded materials development projects including: Think Math! (Link: www.thinkmath.edc.org) Dr. Goldenberg has over thirty-five years of experience in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary teaching, teacher education, teacher enhancement, and education. He is widely published and has conducted workshops and seminars on a variety of topics in mathematics education.

Portrait: Thomas Oberlechner Dr.Thomas Oberlechner, Ed.M (Harvard), Ph.D

Dr. Oberlechner heads the Psychology Department, Webster University, Vienna (Austria). He is the author of “The Psychology of Ethics in the Finance and Investment Industry” (winner of the 2008 Richard Davis Ethics Honorable Distinction Award) and “The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market”. Results of Dr. Oberlechner’s research have appeared in academic and professional journals and were featured by such news media as Washington Post, German financial television, BBC, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and leading Austrian newspapers.

“Reflecting about my classes and my "teaching philosophy" quickly leads me to think about learning rather than teaching.” ...Thomas Oberlechner

Web Deployment

Portrait: Marcus Wengenroth Marcus Wengenroth, CEO, Link: ilumi - Internet- & Werbeagentur

The fullservice internet- and advertising agency ilumi was founded by Marcus more than 10 years ago. His strengths are in web based software development.

“We are passionate about the projects we take on. We integrate our clients' needs with our own by identifying closely with their products and services. What our clients love about us: customer focus, creative proactivity and high engagement levels.” ...Marcus Wengenroth

Constance McAvoy

Portrait: Constance McAvoy Constance McAvoy, , B,Ed.,M.A., consultant and Head Trainer for Karismath.

Constance has a B.Ed., and a Masters in Arts, Administration and Instruction. Constance's background includes Project Coordinator for Universal Design for Learning Project for British Columbia, Resources and Projects Coordinator for PRCVI and SET-BC (British Columbia), Secondary Mathematics Teacher, and Assistive Technology Consultant.

Constance’s work has been influenced by her experiences teaching and tutoring Math and Literacy and working with students whose independence and productivity are enhanced through the use of technology. Constance studied Universal Design for Learning and served as a facilitator for the UDL Institute, Harvard.

Business Management Consultant

Portrait: Hillar Kalmar Hillar Kalmar, B.A.Sc., M.B.A., P. Eng.

With a background in engineering, consulting and corporate finance, Hillar spent many years as a senior executive/partner in the venture capital business, where he helped private and public companies in the development and commercialization of innovative products and services. He has been a board director of many companies and, with his 25 years of business experience, focuses primarily on strategic, operational and governance issues.

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